Concepted created from 360° campaigns to print brochures.

Direction Campaign


Insight / Problem: Many professionals are looking into graduate school to further their careers. They want a variety of programs, a curriculum geared towards current professionals in the field, and a big name behind it. 
Solution / Concept:  Visually show how Northwestern is able to offer potential graduates the a variety of majors, while connecting them to their professional global network.
Deliverables: :15 + :30 spot and a unique landing page.  

Tiny Table Talk


Insight / Problem: Many prospective students have questions concerning the real world applications of graduate programs that are offered. 
Solution / Concept:  Concepted a multiplatform webseries that shares indepth information about each program and gives insight on how it is used in real world situations.


Center for Public Safety Brochures


Sequential brochures for the Sheriff trainging program at Northwestern's CPS .