Bourbon Legends Boxcar

As the Bourbon Legends Boxcar chugs into its second year, as the lead creative I was tasked with executing an improved experience, consisting of new builds, improved flow, refreshed creative, and streamlining the check-in process. More specifically, to improve guests’ bourbon knowledge by focusing on the details that allow guests to be immersed, educated, and entertained by the story of bourbon and through the distinct personalities of the four #BourbonLegends, Jim Beam, Basil Hayden’s, Maker’s Mark, and Knob Creek.

The Entrance

Guests were first either directed to the VIP or GA check-in line, where they needed to show a VIP email confirmation (if a VIP). Guests then arrived at our newly built check-in station, staffed with 6 check-in staffers ready to greet them with a smile.

After guests checked-in, they were then directed towards the Crossing Cafe, another new build, where they were treated to a piece of cornbread and refreshingly cold glass of Fever-Tree with ice, before they embarked on the sensorium tour.

The Sensorium


This year, one of our focal creative refreshes could be found in the Sensorium. Tour guides replaced last year’s barely audible voice over, and new signage improved both the experience and the educational journey of guests.

The Brands


Improved the existing brand footprints by increasing the amount of signage, streamlining the flow of lines in each footprint, and redesigned or refreshed scenic elements in each one.

Graphic Design


Crafted the look and feel of print and digital assets for the event that was then implemented by the internal design team.