Concept/Solution: Divvy is a new bike program in Chicago that allows the everyday commuter to see their city in a new way. Thus getting them from point A to point B happier. 


Deliverables: Print ads, Divvy for a Day event, Bike the Drive partnership, city-wide scavenger hunt, and Divvy app retooling.  


Social Media Integration

Aside from traditional print and out of home ads, the Discover with Divvy campaign will also be integrated across several social applications.

:30 Second Teaser 

It's one thing to see what others have found in Chicago through social feeds, but it's another to experience it first hand.

Divvy App Redesign

Thanks to geo tagging two major features of this app are possible. The first, "Discover", detects the stations that you have visited and then suggests areas that you haven't been to. The second, "Scavenger Hunt", shows the weekly hint and allows the user to scan the chevron once they arrive at the secret location. The scavenger hunt would increase in difficulty as the prizes become more valuable. The last feature is a push notification to remind you to return your Divvy on time.